Monday, August 17, 2009

You Should See the Other Guy

Actually...the 'other guy' escaped unscathed in the slip and slide incident. Here's to the first black eye of boyhood, Micah! At least it makes you look tough

Friday, August 7, 2009


Playin' princesses with cousin 'Wiwy'

My two oldest have become even tighter this summer. It seems they could care less if Momma is around to play with them. One of their new games is playing 'brothers' or 'sisters.' I cannot believe that Alexis got Micah to dress up with her...but now there is photographic proof. Even cousin 'Wiwy' joined in on the fun. I am, however, happy to report that Micah does not make a very cute girl. He will love these pictures in a few years!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For Grandma

Dear Grandma

I have been so blessed by your prayers throughout my life. Prayers for my safety, my health, and my relationship with Jesus. Now you pray for my children, and they are a testament to your faithfulness. They love you: your big hugs, your gingersnap cookies, your raspberry patch.

I love our chats. You tell me about your past. Your hardships and the joys of a simple, hardworking life. I love hearing how you took care of your babies. How you loved them as I love mine. You tell me about my childhood and I remember growing up just down the road from you and grandpa.

Thank you Grandma for your love and prayers. They have sustained your family through good times and hard times. They are a demonstration of God's faithfulness. Because of your prayers I will join you in Heaven some day and sing praises to Jesus by your side.

Love you


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Heart Baby Mice

The big news at our house this weekend was that Daddy found a nest with 6 baby mice outside Four hours and one very grossed out Mommy later, we released the mice back to the wild. We'll just say they love to swim.

Alexis' mouse Serephina in its bathrobe. I'm pretty sure if mice can pray, this one was praying for a quick death.

The Mouse House prior to interior finishing touches which included curtains, bath robes, rugs and beds made of rocks.

They were so proud of their mice! Alexis treated them like babies and Micah was training them to be circus mice. You never know what might make a great career some day.


Dear Alexis

This letter has been on my heart for a long time. In fact, you turned five almost four months ago. I thought about writing you a letter on your last day of preschool. I got that sad homesick feeling that I haven't had since I was a child. I just wanted to swallow the lump in my throat and be so proud of you, little girl.

You have blessed my life so much over the last five plus years. Since you were born, you have posessed an effervescent quality. Your wide smile and striking blue eyes are the first thing that people see. You are my big helper. You love your brothers so much and (most of the time) you are their best playmate and biggest cheerleader. God has given you the gift of encouragement. You are great at building others up and helping them learn new things.

You love to be a girl. Most days you can be found dancing around in your dress up clothes pretending to be a bride or Cinderella. Some days Micah gets coerced in to playing the prince. I am praying for the man that will be your Prince Charming some day.

In a few short weeks, you will start Kindergarten. I will miss you around home, but I know you will love school. You cried so hard your last day of preschool because you didn't want it to end. I am so glad you love to learn. Of course you love to be with your friends as well. You are such a social bug, it seems every time we go to the park you have met new friends.

I love you sweet girl! I can't imagine life without you. Thank you for making me a mommy. I can't wait to see all that God has for you.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Might Be A Redneck

...If your grandpa makes a sled out of an old mattress and pulls you behind the snowmobile. Oh, but its so much fun!


Dear Micah

I can't believe three years have flown by already. I remember the moment you were born and they said you were a boy. We were surprised and so excited. You were born to be held and cuddled. When you were small, you never left my side. We did everything together, just because you loved being held so much.

Now you are three. I thank God that He has blessed our family with you. Your sweetness and kind heart are evident to everyone who knows you. You are so quick to say I love you and give kisses and hugs. Alexis is your best friend and playmate. I love listening to your dialouge as you play around the house.

You are beginning to learn so much about God and how much He loves you. It brings tears to my eyes when I hear your sweet small voice singing praises to Him in your car seat as we drive. I pray that as you grow, you will continue to seek Him and learn the depth of love He has for you.

You have changed so much this year, and have become Daddy's boy. You love to wrestle and fight with him whenever you get a chance. You want to do everything he does and are a great helper when he's working around the house. Your favorite thing is to tie ropes to objects and we often find Brownie tied up somewhere in the house.

I love you so much Micah, in ways you will never understand until you have a child of your own. You are growing too fast already and I know in a blink you will be bigger than me, but you will always be my little boy.

I wuv you,